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We create unique websites for your business that don’t just look good – they work too. Our designs are developed to also ensure that there is an optimal rate of conversion. To that end, we ensure that every aspect of your website design is geared towards cultivating a customer base. You will be able to engage your target audience effortlessly and widely on all platforms such as desktops and mobile devices.

Content Management Systems

We are experts in creating WordPress-based sites using customised templates. Such designs allow for easy content management and customisation. You can add a wealth of information in a manner that can easily be located by your audience, therefore making it easy for them to purchase your services, improving their engagement of your site and encouraging them to develop a loyalty to your business.


We can set up safe, effective and trusted e-commerce solutions for your website, therefore allowing you to cultivate a profitable online business with total peace of mind. Now, you can offer various methods of easy payment to your visitors, therefore maximising your chances of converting each visitor into a loyal customer. You can also offer coupons, discounts, loyalty program and more!


Native apps or hybrid apps – we will advise on the right approach for your needs and then either build on Android, iOS or HTML5 (for both tablet or mobile phone). Designing and developing for the mobile web is critical, and to this end we are committed to “responsive design thinking”. Contact us to find out how we can help your business thrive in this exciting new frontier!

Website Maintenance

We understand that you may prefer to focus on growing your business, so we will be happy to take up the more routine aspects of website maintenance on your behalf. Be assured that your website will be in good hands as we ensure that it is constantly up for your visitors and everything is in working order. We can also tend to matters such as renewal of your domain name and keeping your email service in tip-top shape.

Digital Marketing

Having just an online business website is not enough to cultivate a business. You need to publicise this website and market it to the right audience. This is where Inqube can help you. We can develop specialised solutions in email marketing, and social media marketing. We will also analyze the current performance of your website using Google Analytics and devise solutions to improve any weaknesses.